Available Dates and Times

Check the Council 4175 Calendar for available dates and times.

Rental Hall Pricing

Day or Date Description Member Price Non-Member Price
Friday Rental* $245.00 $450.00
Saturday Rental* $245.00 $525.00
Sunday Rental $175.00 $250.00
Monday Thru Thursday Rental $175.00 $200.00
Funeral Luncheon Rental $125.00 $175.00

Weekday Weekend
Fundraiser / Benefit $275.00 $450.00

* 2 bartenders are required for Friday/Saturday rentals. Additional bartender is $40.00.

  1. Members must fill out a contract to obtain member rates.
  2. Members dues must be current to receive member rates.
  3. Member rentals for use of immediate family which shall include wife, immediate children, father, mother and spouses parents (in laws).
  4. $40.00 credit for bartending duties if done by self or volunteer from rental cost. (member or non-member)
  5. Members must be present the entire time of member rental and setup. Member renting hall is responsible to pay for rental and beverage bills before leaving the hall the day of the rental.
  6. Rental hall decorating is available four hours prior to rental at building managers availability.
  7. Holiday rentals are at weekend prices.
  8. Please contact the building manager for a list of approved caterers.
  9. All renters (member and non-member) are responsible to remove trash from building at conclusion of rental and place in dumpster. All chairs should also be restacked on each table.
  10. ANY and ALL beverages, Spirits/Soda/Beer/Wine MUST be purchased from the KC's. This includes all members and non-members. Special requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to rental and paid up front so to allow time to order from the distributor.
  11. Any catering, provided by an approved caterer, the renter is responsible for an additional $100.00 fee. The KC kitchen is available for staging only, cooking is not permitted.

Catered Events at Council 4175

Knights of Columbus Council 4175 has a list of approved caterers. Only caterers listed as approved by the Knights of Columbus Council 4175 are authorized to provide catering services in our Facility. Please visit the websites of our approved caterers.

Questions or Schedule Event

If you have any questions, would like to schedule your event, or would like to see the hall please contact Vaughn Whiteman at (217) 528-5740.